What would you choose? Love or Friendship


Friendships or Love

We people are surrounded by number of relationship with a lot may people in our life. Our family for which we don’t have any choice to choose from. But friends and love are the only two relation in which we have choice to choose from

As it is said “friends are the family we choose”

In this blog we are going to go through various aspect of love and friendship one by one. And in the end i hope we could come out with a solution of the above asked question.

But before we just think of the questioned i raised as the title of this blog what would you choose if you were in the position to choose from the two.

Give it a thought and meanwhile i m going to start with discussing the first aspect of the blog. hope you would feel the same way as i m feeling while writing this one.

And before I start let me just tell you this is really close to my heart so do give a read and please comment and let me know how you like it.


Love, so basically my experience with love is quite horrible and that to not only with my partner but also with my friend’s partners as well

Let’s just leave it aside and concentrate on this fact that love is undoubtedly the best feeling in the world. And once you are in love with someone that feeling is irreplaceable in a lifetime.

My friend, let me tell you seriously your life is going to change completely once you find the love of your life, your partner in everything.

The good news is that they will be at your side no matter what may come they wont make you face anything alone or let you suffer in any form.

At times, I know  there are situation where you feel insecure or life your partner is not really supporting you in things that time you need to calm yourself down and be your own support for the time your partner is back with the strength to support you back more firmly.

A lot of people can love you and will love you for sure but no one will ever going to love you the way your partner will going to do.

They make sure you don’t go to sleep upset they try to sort things out with you no matter what it takes. They stand by your side always to tell you they are there and will always be.

Just a advice, never let misunderstanding ruin your love or your relationship with your partner as they are the person with whom you dream to spend your future life so don’t spoil it just because you are afraid to expected you need to face it to gain it.

More power to love more power to your life. Love is a beautiful aspect of life don’t let it go too easy , as it doesn’t come easy to us.

To be very honest with you, friendship is something I am very fond of I just fully love the concept of friendship.

I have a lot of friends and they are my life and certainly they are the best part of my life



You can be friend with anybody and anybody can be your friend as long as you feel connected to them. Friends play a major role in ones life, as majority of the time we spend with them only.

They will scold you if you do anything stupid, they wont mind slapping you if you are wrong, they’ll never leave you even if you tell them to do so several times. They will come in to your life when you least except them and going to stick by your side through all the hard times.

They will be your sunshine when the cloud of darkness will be there in your life . Friends are those who tell they are there for you and prove it every single time when you need them.

A true friend is someone who stick with you all the time and never let you face any trouble alone. You can always count on them like 1,2,3…. and they will be there forever.

Dosti (friendship) is really a blessing and everyone deserve to be rewarded with such friends whom you can rely upon.

Friends never disappoint you in any way, they might fight and say irrelevant things but can’t stay mad at each other for a longer period

Love or Friendship

Now the decision time, frankly there is no comparison between the two. You can love your friends and friends can be lover.

Friendship and love are two face of one coin and both are incomplete without other so its important to keep a balance between the two. And give importance to both so that they both are managed and your life would be at peace.

As both love and friends going to support you and going to love you unconditionally. The both are the beautiful truth of your life never lose anyone of them just to be with the other one. Both of them deserve the same level of respect from you.

There is a thin line between friendship and love but you will get to know the meaning of both once you will analyse your relation with them both.

So with this i would like to end this blog with a conclusion that be it anything love or friendship nothing is bigger than your self respect if you feel something is not right just talk it out and have a healthy relationship with people.

Stay happy always and stay blessed. Time for me to say bbye till the next time.

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