Story: Tender Heartbreak

Caution: Story: Tender Heartbreak is a fiction story. it has no relevance with any person or place in real. It is purely entertainment-based

Vihaan, an unfamiliar voice called out my name. But I need to admit that, it was the prettiest voice I had ever come across. Turning to which I saw a beautiful girl coming towards me.

My mind rejecting the situation started looking in a different direction. She again called out my name. And to my surprise, she came and sat right next to me. And then I recognize her, Sneha, Sneha Bajaj.

My best friend from school. And after so many years nothing has really changed except our phone numbers and address. And now I guess I should include my eyesight too.

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Flashback time

In standard 2nd we [ I and Sneha] met for the first time and ever since then, I doubt if we were not to be best friends. We use to share everything from our lunch to our top keep secrets.

But then one day life comes into the picture and we were set apart. Although destiny is not to be blamed it was the heartbreak… An unfiltered heartbreak reason behind which was us.

Present time

Her voice brought me back from the flashback ” Hey Vihaan, are you going to speak up to me or not, Sorry na yaar forget the old things and let’s start fresh”

Listening to which I was shaken and I start wondering “is she the Sneha I knew 4 years back”.

Thinking of which I stop my thoughts right there. We hugged and had a chit chat session. Asking and telling how’s life going today and what we are doing in our lives.

I was glad to know that she had finally done with fashion designing course and is a successful blogger. She always wanted to be one.

Talking about me I told her about my current girlfriend who was going to be my wife soon. To which she seems to be happy to learn about it, but there she was with her awkward smile and I realize she was not feeling great at heart.

See that’s the thing with best friends they tend to know about each other’s mood like that. And it becomes complex when you loved each other in the past. And it didn’t work out the way you dreamt of. Becomes worst when one of you is the reason for you being set apart. We were facing the same dilemma as sitting next to each other scrolling out past memories.

Part 2

As we were sitting next to each other we didn’t realize talking, that our flight delayed time just flew away. And the announcement at the airport ended Sneha and my never-ending conversation. And the announcement was “All the passengers traveling from Mumbai to London are requested to come near gate number 1” which went on. On hearing this I stood up and tried to bit goodbye to Sneha but instead of she saying goodbye she told me she also was headed to London.

And I won’t lie at that moment I was happy to hear that. Because frankly who would not be happy to be accompanied by a friend in this such a long journey.

Story: Tender heartbreak
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Prior trip to London[2011]

I went into a flashback to which we traveled together to London. I remember planning a special weekend just for both of us. We were back then happily in love with each other.

But then I also remember that weekend which was supposed to be the perfect birthday gift for Sneha became the most terrifying days of both of our lives. 

Thrown to reality 

Coming back to reality, I saw a young gentleman asking for my boarding pass and instructing me to move forward. I still stopped and waited for Sneha to join me and I don’t even know why I did that. May be for friendship’s sake but I did.

We made ourselves comfortable in our assigned sits. No guesses where we were sitting next to each other.

While talking I got to know that she is traveling to attend some fashion show in London, so it was professional it was such a relief to acknowledge that(I don’t know why so)She asked me about my travel reasons. 

On which I promptly reply “just work and stuff” 

To which she immediately responded, “and”. She too knew me well and can tell when I am hiding something.

I knew by that time nothing much has changed so I told her. “I am traveling to meet Prisha ” to which there was silence again. On which I decided and ask Sneha to come and meet Prisha. Which at that point didn’t seem much of the problem but it turned out the too big….. really big one.

Part 3

Prisha and I became so close in so little time. That we got to understand everything just by reading each other expressions. 

We get along so well that things go on to the marriage . She loves me and I…. I too loved her. Till the time I was not sitting next to my ex-girlfriend. 

At that time I don’t know why but it feels like I am cheating on Prisha with Sneha.

I should have told Prisha about me being with Sneha.

I took my phone out of pocket was about to text her. My hand freeze realizing the time stating 3:00 am in London. 

I shifted the phone to normal mode from airplane mode to check on my emails and messages. Notification blinked 5 new messages from Prisha all the message saying “ excited to see you love you; will be there to pick you up from the airport; good night.

I typed the text to tell her about all the things that happened at the airport and that I am accompanied by a friend of mine.

Terrified shock

When I was engrossed with my phone, just give Sneha a glance and she was sleeping like a baby happy and peacefully. Moving back to texting Prisha I felt Sneha being uneasy and was terrified by something she just holds my arm and was whispering something. She was getting a panic attack. Since when I mean I had known her for a long time but never seen her like this. I just hold her hand and give her a hug. And I didn’t realized when I fell asleep thinking of the possible reasons Sneha having this panic attack.

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Strain morning

It was good to see Sneha was fine, so I asked how her sleep was to which she replied “it was good”. I was about to ask about the panic attack she got last night but thought it would create an awkward moment I stopped. 

Landing safely I checked my phone I smile seeing a picture of me and Prisha on my phone display. But I was curious to check her reply to the message I send her last night. The notification didn’t show any messages from Prisha so I went to check the chat.  

And at that moment I realized the message was never sent from my side.  I realized that I forgot to press send at night due to Sneha’s condition. I started imagining worst situation possible now

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