Story: Tender Heartbreak (cont)

This story in the continued part of Story: Tender Heartbreak which you can read here.

Part 4

The message was not sent, I was worried to face Prisha and was thinking of how would she react knowing and meeting Sneha. 

Between this whole situation, we collected our bags and started moving outside. And stepping out of the airport all my thoughts just vanished, seeing the most beautiful girl and watching the evident smile on her face I couldn’t stop my self and started blushing and pointing towards her I told Sneha that’s Prisha. It felt so amazing at that moment.

Awkward moment

As soon as we reach the spot where Prisha was waiting for me. I couldn’t stop myself from giving her a hug. And after recollecting our thoughts I turned to introduce Sneha. 

To my surprise, Prisha welcomed Sneha wholeheartedly. And all the awkward moments I was wondering in my head just brew away in a minute. She is really a great person at heart. I whispered in her ear that I love her. And then excused myself from both of them as I need to make a phone call back to India. To the most special lady in my life my mom.

If you are an Indian then definitely you know how important it is for you to keep your mom updated with everything you do everywhere you go.

So I called her up told her I landed safe and know heading with Prisha and I also told her about Sneha. Upon which she said “I know what you felt for Sneha back in time, but beta please be careful with your feeling now. As Prisha is your responsibility and to keep her happy should be your first priority.”

I totally understand her telling me this and that moment I was freeze can’t think of anything. I replied, “yes mom, will take care of it, don’t you worry, take care love you bye.” After disconnecting the call I went back to the girls and suggested moving towards Prisha’s place as I was too tired and hungry.

Journey to the end begins

We bit Sneha bye for now as the management team of the fashion was here to pick her up. But Prisha made sure that she should accompany us for lunch this weekend as it is going to be a special one.

Sneha agreed to Prisha’s request and promised to join us at the weekend lunch. After that, she left with the management team and we headed to Prisha’s place.

Story: Tender heartbreak
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Part 5

Sitting on the backseat and relaxing. What could you have asked more than this after a long flight? I never realized when we reached Prisha’s place.

And as I was tired I asked her to get me something to eat till then I would go and freshen up. But I didn’t really know how I fell asleep.

Story: Tender heartbreak
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Prisha came to my room and called Vihan to get up. It was then I realized that I just doze off as soon as I came inside the room. Anyways we laughed out pound for a while and then talked about various other things.

Shocking realization

Prisha had plans for our evening. She had a finalized meeting with her parents. She told me that as they are not home right now due to work, but will soon going to join us. 

To be frank I was very terrified to meet her parents now. It was not that I haven’t met them before but it was the first time after Prisha and I decided to marry.

It’s the fact when you are going to marry a girl her father becomes more careful to judge you in and out for every aspect. And I know for the fact that Prisha’s dad loves her the most. Girls do have a special bond with their fathers and boys with mothers like me. Ahh, but my case is different while talking about it some other day.

At that moment it was a shocking realization for me to know that I am going to meet them. And my facial expression can tell how terrified I was. 

Prisha started making fun of me because of all the fear I was dealing with myself. She said “it’s ok, they are my parents. And I am with you to experience my best life and they know this so don’t worry. We are going to deal with this together”. I won’t lie it was the best thing I could hear at that time. 

Story: Tender heartbreak
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Surprise awaits

Prisha: ” I have something more special plan for the evening but u got to wait for it. As it, us a surprise and I don’t want to ruin things up with this one.

She left saying thus was wondering what it could be. But u thought it would be great if I freshen up and get ready to meet her parents in the evening. As u don’t want to be late for this.

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