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Memories play a vital role in any individual’s life, it’s strange how when we want to remember a little thing it becomes so difficult to recall it and sometimes if we try to forget something or some people it proves out to be a more difficult task to perform. 

Sitting for an interview for a job in the banking sector trying to remember the various financial institute was telling me one thing for sure that “it’s not my cup of tea”. And why it should not be I was not from any of such background, but still sitting there and answering the questions asked to me.

Finally through with the interview waiting for the results to be out something just caught my attention and took me to a memory roller coaster. It took me to the time when if someone would ask me what do you want to be once you grow up it was so clear in my mind that I want to be a doctor, till I was in class eight. after standard eight things took place and the clear vision of opting science and becoming a doctor seems to come to an end, but with time new aspiration takes place, now the new thing comes into picture which was I want to become a writer. 

But now the question was how am I going to pursue it? how am I going to convince people around me to go for this profession as my full-time profession?  because at that particular time telling my parents that I want to be a writer is like telling them I won’t be doing anything at all.

So done with the schooling and graduation and finally done with my post-graduation and now sitting here to get a job and sacrificing all my dreams for the sake of a society who was never concerned or connected to me.

Sitting here and realizing all my passion my dreams were gonna shatter with joining a job I don’t want to join. I was in my memory lane when an employee came and started announcing the name of the selected candidates 



Aditya…. here it was Aditya I was in a sudden shock and surprise moment 

At that particular moment, I felt like my whole world was upside down and all my memories and dreams got destroyed. It was when I felt my dream memories’ desires are all falling short in front of my reality.

In India when you belong to a middle-class family people believe you are lucky if you get a job after completing a degree and so was believed my family and friends but deep down I knew I was not here for doing the 9-5 job I am here for more something more than this bank job. Yes, it was me a whole together a different person.

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A daydreamer and night thinker. Have completed her MBA, and now pursuing what her heart desires to do♥️. Being a writer is all she ever wanted and now she is one. She believes you may fail at things while taking degrees. But you never fail while chasing your heart desires, either you achieve it or you learn something great out of it.

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