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Hi, we are back with new blog. and today we are engaging in a very trending topic which is “Night Shifts”. we all are well aware of the concept night shifts. And somebody from our family or friends is working in a night shift. but what are the problems they are facing while in the night shifts in office as well as in mornings with  there family and friends.

What keep them going

According to the studies or researches the things every person doing night shift depends upon

1. Coffee – “There best companion”

2. Little sleep – Half time sleep than that is what is normally required 

3. Willpower – It’s a must as it help them to hope up with a lot of things though

4. Sometimes silence – Quite places results in good output at times 

5. Many more – Which are only known to the person doing night shifts

Problems faced by night shift workers.

They go through a lot of problems while working in night and undergo a lot of things in there day to day life. Some of the issue faced by people while doing a night shift are as follows

1. Disturbed health – According to various surveys performed to analyse the impact of night shifts on peoples life the major impact is on the health of the person working in night shifts and can result in cardiac disease and may become the reason for cancer n longer run.

2. Mismanaged timings – Working in night and sleeping in day is a difficult task when the whole world is awake 

3. Coffee is your best friend- You are totally upon coffee for survival so because you don’t fall asleep while working in a night shift. So you need to have coffee every now and then just to be active and perform work assigned.


feeling of a night shift working person

4. No social life- people working in night shift have no social life, not even possible to have one as when the time of socializing arises they in there dreams sleeping.

5. No time for family and friends – This stands void as they hardly able to meet or even see they family friends even if they live in the same house, this very challenging and not so right.

There are lot more issues faced by people working in night shift for further read you can visit the page

Issues and Tips for people doing night shifts

Tips to Work in night shifts and stay healthy too.....

tips to work in night shifts

As the above video showed the issues and some tips to overcome the issues for the better working of individual in night shifts.

There are some more tips and guide which when followed can give an individual a healthy and stable life while working in a night shift.

1. Get a proper and regular undisturbed sleep for at least 7-9 hours a day

2. Darken your room while sleeping to cut the contact of any kind of light.

3. Reduce the intake of caffeine ( if possible don’t take it at all).

4. Exercise regularly.

5. Avoid unhealthy snaking  and move to more of healthy diet.

There are lot more things to cope up in this situation but the first step first hope this helps you to understand the issues and way to solve such issues arising while you are doing night shifts.

Night shifts being a part of western culture has been accepted by Indian fully and large number of people are working in night shifts, and so it is important to be well aware of consequences and the ways to overcome such things so as when the situation come we can fight with such problem with full strength only and only if we are well known to such thing on prior basis.

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